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January 14, 2015 News

When Mitmunk first started out in 2011, we started as a tiny operation in the corner of our living room and sold our printed t-shirts and 1″ buttons through Etsy. We were experimenting with vintage public domain illustrations, so the black-and-white lithographic style featured heavily in our designs. It was a slow start (I remember going to the post office once every couple of weeks to ship a single t-shirt order), but we gradually expanded to doing more exciting designs on printed leggings, shorts, and dresses, providing the perfect space for Wayne to put his video games artist’s skills to use.

Mitmunk tags in a box

After participating in the first Vancouver Alternative Fashion Weekend in November 2012 and showing our original Armour and Chainmail leggings, things really started taking off. We’ve been lucky to get the attention of people worldwide and features in geek blogs and websites. Our designs, inspired by video games character skins, connected us with a broader fandom, and it seemed as though we’d finally found our niche.

Three and a half years after our first sale, we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching our new online shop on our very own website, with the help of Petra Richli and Codepage. You can shop for your favourite Mitmunk garments directly from mitmunk.com. We’ll stock just the leggings here first, but as time goes on and streamline production of our different products, we’ll be moving those here too. 

We’ll keep the Etsy shop open for the remaining old stock we have, sale items, and small-run handmade sample products. 

To those of you who’ve just joined us, we’re glad you found us! To everyone who has followed us since the early days, you are the reason we’re still around. Thank you for your ongoing support. We’re expanding steadily and hope we can keep releasing products and designs you love, through 2015 and beyond.

As always, we love to see photos of how you all style your Mitmunk, so we invite you to join us on our social media pages and share your #Mitmunk looks.


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