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printed apparel for the creative spirit


GrindDown Photography. Models: Gabrielle Leblanc, Sarah Stonehocker, Zineb Bazza, Dezi Desire. MUA/Hair/Styling: Nightshade Beauty.

GrindDown Photography
Models: Gabrielle Leblanc, Sarah Stonehocker, Dezi Desire
MUA/Hair/Styling: Nightshade Beauty




MITMUNK is a Vancouver-based design studio run by Wayne Elliott and Heather Joan Tam, specializing in printed apparel and accessories.

Wayne is an artist with a background in video games. As founder of and designer for MITMUNK, he brings his love for striking, experimental street fashion into his artwork for Mitmunk’s printed clothing.

Heather is an interdisciplinary artist and former curator of a community museum.

Mitmunk’s designs go beyond repeating patterns and printed pictures. Our artwork is carefully designed to wrap around and enhance the contours of the human body. To slip on a Mitmunk garment is to embody a character and make it your own. Be a warrior, a robot, a hybrid—whatever your fantasy.

We love to see the diversity in how each individual styles their Mitmunk garment. Join us on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook and share your #Mitmunk looks.

The prices on our site are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

We thank GrindDown Photography and René Blais Photography for our photos, Brennan Massicotte for the dystopian landscape artwork on our homepage, Nightshade Beauty for hair and make-up, and models Dezi Desire, Michael Cheng, Mimi Reaves, Ruby Roxx, and Susan Puno.


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